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Other measurement instruments for adults

On this page, you will find several other measurement instruments that are relevant for research and routine outcome monitoring (ROM) of adults. The instruments identify the following: treatment motivation and quality of life from a subjective point of view.


By whom can these instruments be used?

The instruments can be used by psychologists, psychiatrists, psychological evaluation staff and academics with experience in standardized diagnostic techniques and the use of ROM.The table gives an overview of various translations of the measurement instruments (with a brief explanation) and any relevant links.

Translations of other measurement instruments for adults

Cantril Ladder of Life (CLL)

Self-report questionnaire that assesses the willingness/motivation for change during treatment.

University of Rhode Island Change Assessment Scale (URICA)

Self-report questionnaire that provides a measure of the subjective experience of the quality of life, with a high score indicating a high quality of life and a low score indicating a low quality of life.

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